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BPTP Princess Park , Sector-86, Faridabad

BPTP group is well known for the development of various residential, commercial and industrial projects in the different areas of the Delhi NCR region. One of their well-known projects is BPTP Princess Park in Faridabad which has come up recently and has become quite popular in a short time. This project is situated in the integrated township BPTP Parklands. There are choices of 2 BHK, 2+1 BHK, 3 BHK and 3+1 BHK where the sizes of the apartments of Princess Park are also different starting from 1368 Sq. feet. The design and formation in the form of ground + 19 floors towers provide an attractive look to the Princess Park Flats..

The BPTP Princess Park Apartments is an excellent residential Property option that offers luxurious living at an affordable cost. The best part is that this project is located in the fast developing area of Faridabad.

There are also excellent entertainment facilities available within the township. At the same time, there is a dedicated car parking facility. All these amenities and facilities make BPTP Princess Park Flats in Faridabad the perfect place to call home.

BPTP Princess Park - Price Detail

BPTP group has recently developed the luxurious and stylish BPTP Princess Park Flats which consist of high rise multi-story apartments. The BPTP Princess Park is located in sector 86, Faridabad which is developing at a rapid pace and has become one of the most desirable addresses in this city.

  • The project has all the different amenities and facilities required for modern living and is well connected to the rest of the Delhi NCR. This project is aimed at providing multi-story apartments for different budgets and the residential units of different sizes are available at very reasonable rates. It is a great way to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price. The best way to ascertain the value for money that you get with BPTP Princess Park is to read some reviews online. These reviews will give you an idea about the opinion of other people about this project and most of these reviews are very positive which praise the project in all aspects.

  • The 3+1 BHK covering 1947 sq. ft. is the best choice and its prices range from 60 to 65 lakhs. You can choose any of the floor options i.e. ground floor, first floor and second floor. The cost of the residential units is based on the floor that you choose. You also have the choice of 3 BHK with the resale price 57 to 62 lacs onwards. 2+1 BHK is also available at reasonable rates, which again gives you a choice of three floors and the price of these units is 50 lacs onwards. For further details, you need to visit our official web portal.

  • Resale Price Detail

    Apartment Type Size Resale Price Possession
    2 BHK 1368 Sq.Ft. 39 Lacs Onwards Ready to Move
    2 BHK + Study Room 1450 Sq.Ft. 49 Lacs Onwards Ready to Move
    3 BHK 1881 Sq.Ft. 56 Lacs Onwards Ready to Move
    3 BHK + Servant Room 2194 Sq.Ft. 60 Lacs Onwards Ready to Move

    BPTP Princess Park - Floor Plan

    BPTP Princess Park is a luxurious option for people who wish to lead a stylish life. It gives you the freedom of multi-storey apartments while Ground+2 Floors ensure that you are not totally isolated. At the same time, there is ample green and open space around the structures so that the pollution in the township can be controlled. The project has been designed keeping every minute detail in mind and all pains have been taken to include features and amenities which are required for a modern lifestyle. Provisions are made for all members of the family including elderly people and children. All members of the family have something to enjoy in this residential complex with has so many modern amenities and facilities.

    The architects in charge of the project BPTP Princess Park Flats in Faridabad have paid great attention to every aspect of the development of the project. When choosing a residential unit, the floor plan is very essential. This is because a good floor plan ensures the proper utilization of interior space so that no precious space is wasted. At the same time, it is the floor plan which ensures the visual and physical flow of the space. The well-laid floor plans of the different units ensure that the maximum interior space is utilized in a productive manner. At the same time, the designers have ensured that the design of each unit is different from the other. For instance, 3 BHK covering 1888 sq. ft. have different plans while the plans of the 3+1 BHK – 1947 sq. ft., 2 BHK – 1365 Sq ft. and 2+1 BHK – 1450 sq. yards are also different.

    This ensures that there is something to suit everyone’s requirements. Different families with different tastes can make their choice accordingly in the BPTP Princess Park Flats in Faridabad. You do not have to worry about losing identity between collections of similarly designed residential units. This is because you can express your family’s individual personality by the choice of different floors.

    BPTP Princess Park - Layout Plan

    The best part of the BPTP Princess Park is that it is located in such a way that residents have easy access to all the different amenities and facilities required for modern living. At the same time, this project BPTP Princess Park is well connected with different roads running parallel to the boundaries of the project. Whenever you are buying apartments in any part of the city the layout map is very important. You should definitely study the layout map of any residential project before you decide to invest your money in it. The layout map of the BPTP Princess Park flats in Faridabad is easily available on the official website.

    When you study the layout map of BPTP princess park flats, you will realize that the available space has been used in an optimal manner. A lot of lands has been dedicated to open and green spaces allowing for the reduction in pollution and also allowing the residents to live in proximity to nature. At the same time, sufficient land has been dedicated to the parking lot which ensures that the residents have ample space to park their vehicles. Then again, the different building blocks are spaced in such a manner that residents get ample privacy and still don’t get the feeling of being isolated. All in all the layout of the BPTP Princess park Flats is such that every minute detail has been taken into consideration.

    Layout Plan of BPTP Princess Park Flats in Faridabad

    Layout Plan

    Loaction Map of BPTP Princess Park Flats in Faridabad

    Loaction Map

    BPTP Princess Park - Amenities

    BPTP princess park Flats in Faridabad is a recently developed residential project by the BPTP group and has become quite popular within a short time. The different flats of the buildings have different designs and this gives a unique and personalized character to your home. This means that you can express your individuality through your home.

    The BPTP Princess Park Flats in Faridabad is a perfect choice for people who wish to live a holistic lifestyle. The BPTP Princess Park Flats offer privacy while there is ample scope for socialization because there will be different families on different floors. This residential complex has something for everyone in the family including elderly people and kids. Even the floors are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the different members of the family. This is because elderly people can make use of the park for their evening and morning walks.

    The parking area in BPTP Princess Park apartments is quite spacious with a choice of covered and open car parking as per your preference. All in all, BPTP Princess Park apartments provide the best lifestyle and that too at a very affordable price. You can read some reviews online to ascertain the truth about this residential project.